(Photo Credit: Anneliese Weisgerber)

Hi, my name is Krystal. Thank you for checking out my little piece of internet. A little about myself.  I live in Arizona with my sweet family. I have a pretty awesome husband that loves projects and making our house a home as much as I do. We have two beautiful children, Elliott and Cruz. Which is where the inspiration came from for the name Elle and Cru.  Elliott is a pretty skilled baker and even has her own Instagram (that her Mom occasionally keeps up with lol)

I am a hairstylist at an Aveda Salon that I am very passionate about. It keeps my creativity alive! I love home design and diy projects. I am all about a good find at a thrift store or flea market. I am a firm believer in one mans trash is another mans treasure. And organizing is my jam! There is something about everything having a place that gives me comfort.

This is where I will be sharing a little about all the things  I love. Motherhood, diy, hair, and anything else my heart desires! I hope you enjoy following along my journey!