Goodwill Chair Makeover

This chair was one of my favorite Goodwill finds to date. It is gorgeous as-is but the color didn’t work for where I wanted it to go, so I decided to paint it.

First, I cleaned it really well with a mixture of water and dish soap. I found this blog post helpful. Then I did a light sanding on all the wood.

Next it was ready for spray paint. We chose spray paint because we are able to get a smoother finish compared to using a brush. We’ve refinished a lot of projects, and every one that we use a brush we always end up seeing brush strokes or having to do a lot of sanding to get rid of them. If you have any tips or tricks on how to get a smoother finish from a brush then please comment below and let us know!

We taped the chair off with painters tape and trash bags. Then we used Linen White Chalked spray paint from Home Depot. We did about 5 coats and then let dry over night. The next morning we peeled off the tape and this is how it turned out! I am so happy with how it looks with the rest of our furniture. I did love the look before so I was nervous about changing the color. I was afraid it would ruin the look of the chair but it pairs perfectly now with my vanity and our bedroom. Definitely a success!

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