Bay Window Makeover

This bay window makeover was one of the biggest projects that we have ever done together and one that we are the most proud of. Cody has this incredible ability to build pretty much anything I come up with in my head and he always nails it. This is exactly what I had envisioned when we first moved in 6 years ago. With his craftmanship and  my styling/decorating I’d say we make a pretty awesome team.

We started this project in September of 2018 and we finished it in April of 2019. It took us a while but we did it. There is just something about accomplishing a big project while juggling the daily routine, the busy schedules, and the sleepless nights that made this such an accomplishment. We didn’t consistently work on just this project during that time frame though. We had several smaller projects we worked on as well, including the gorgeous wood table Cody built (see my previous Friendsgiving blog). We mostly worked on this project at night after the kids went to bed, which is really why it took so long.  You try getting things done with a 3 year old and  a 1.5 year old running around! But in all honestly we really did enjoy working on it together just the two of us; and if you are a parent you know that that only time is the short 3 hour window after you get those minions to bed until you are ready to pass out yourself. It was a lot of late nights and hard work together, which is why I think this just might be my favorite project that we’ve done together.

Most of the décor on the shelves is thrifted or from Target. And everything else in linked below. Scroll all the way down to see the pictures of the space before!


Wallpaper- (Target) Shiplap peel and stick  (Amazon) Tulip peel and stick

Bench cushions- Cotton Chair Pads w/Ties

Knobs- (Anthropologie) Callie knobs

Pillows- Homegoods

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