This year we hosted our first Friendsgiving in our home. We just recently had our backyard done so that means bring on the hosting! I have a pretty talented husband so when I said that I needed a table big enough to fit 12 he got right on it. He built this beautiful 10ft table in a night (mind you he did not sleep that night lol). Then the following day he and his Dad (thank goodness for Dads) sanded, stained, and sealed this bad boy. The stain is Provincial by Varathane and they sealed it with Spar Urethane. It came out better than I could have hoped for and I am so proud of my sweet husband.

Next I needed chairs, and we did not have hundreds of dollars to spend on 12 chairs. So guess where I went? To all the Goodwill’s! Picked up two or three each trip. I also found a few on Facebook marketplace. And they looked amazing! Thrifting for the win! Always, always check out your local thrift shops, especially when on a budget.  We ended up spending $70 on all 12 chairs and it cost $120 to build the table so that’s $190 for this set up right here. Pretty awesome right?!

The décor on the table was some old and some new. I thrifted the candle holders, all from Goodwill. The garland in the middle was from Target. Garland Eucalyptus Pinecone. Then I just threw a few pumpkins on the table from the pumpkin patch we visited a couple of weeks before.

And we had a great first Friendsgiving in our home!

3 thoughts on “Friendsgiving

  1. Amazing! You should give yourself more credit for being this amazing mother,bff, and wife.. it isn’t easy to do everything and still be there for the ones you love. Thanksgiving turned out so beautiful.. couldn’t be more pleased to have spent it with those I love the most! Keep writing.. I love reading about the effort you put into everything and your experiences through it all. I love you girl 💕

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