5 simple ways to add some Christmas charm to your home for under $50

1. This 24 inch wreath was only $9.97 at Walmart! Leave it as is or dress it up with ribbon and a bow. This is one of my favorite finds for under $10 this year!

2. Target dollar section. I’m obsessed. If you’ve never checked it out before do it now! How cute are these little houses? $3 You can keep it simple like in the first picture or you can make a little village like I did in the following pictures. Also, those little silver brush trees are from the dollar section too! Only $1!

3. Fresh garland. We bought this fresh garland from Costco for $18. It was 25 ft and a bit longer than we needed for around the door so I cut some off and had extra to decorate with around the house.

4. Christmas mugs! Coffee or hot chocolate, Christmas mugs are one of my favorite things to bring out during the holidays. And these Mr. and Mrs. Claus mugs could not be any cuter. I got these from Anthropologie when they were on sale for $8.40. You can get them now for $12. Here’s a similar alternative for less. Santa wreath mug Mrs. Claus wreath mug

5. This cute little stocking ($3) and lights ($3) were from the Target dollar section also! I love the way twinkle lights just make a room feel extra cozy.


*Here are a few ways I used the extra garland I had left over after hanging it around the door.

So there you go! A total of $48.97! Hope you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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