IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant hack

First, before I begin here is the before and after of the IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant lamp.

I stumbled across this light fixture at IKEA and I loved the look and the price but I wasn’t sure how the color would look with the rest of our bedroom furniture. But, for $69.99 I figured I would take my chances, and I could always use it in my daughter’s bedroom if it didn’t work out in ours.

Well, I was right. I fell in love with the look but not the color so I was determined to make this work somehow. I decided I would try to whitewash it. I used a can of white paint we already had in the garage and mixed 1 part paint to 1 part water,  and applied it with an old washcloth. The paint was BEHR, Polar Bear.  I did one coat at a time, inside and out and let it dry about 10 minutes in between coats. I ended up doing 3 coats and it was perfect! It was just enough to soften the color a bit and it worked so much better with our bedroom furniture.

Now, if you are wanting a bright light I wouldn’t recommend this one. This light is beautiful but it does provide very soft lighting. We have other lighting in our room so I don’t mind the softness of this light. I will also add that the pattern from this light gives a really cozy feel around the room at night and is my favorite thing about this fixture. All the hygge vibes!

Here is a picture of it hanging in our bedroom so you can see how it looks with our furniture. The white ceiling medallion from Home Depot dresses it up a bit and is really simple to install.  It is just held in place by the light fixture. You can also check out my highlights on Instagram @mrskrystalwilkinson, I posted some short clips there of how I did it. Thank you for reading!

Bed- I got this bed locally from Design Source but they are no longer open. Here is a couple of links I found online of the same bed.

Design Interiors Furniture

Quality Furniture

Bedding- Pinched pleat comforter set

My favorite blanket of all time- Amped fleece fringe throw blanket

Night stands-Concerto nightstand

Area rug- Vintage wool rug

Stool- wood stool

Rocker- Wingback convertible rocker

Lamp- Square floor lamp

Picture Frames- IKEA Ribba frames

Book on nightstand- All in Good Taste

Water mister- Mister

Basket- Tote basket

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