Lofty Heights Playhouse Hack

Here’s another playhouse hack from us! We saw this playhouse at Costco and figured it was time for an upgrade. The kids were outgrowing the first playhouse we redid and to be honest we were a little excited for a new project. We paid $499.00 but the following week it went on sale for $299.00 so we got a refund for the difference. Got to love Costco! Cody and I had so much fun with this project. I honestly don’t know who was more excited, the kids or us. All the details are linked below!

This time we recruited some helpers.

We recruited some helpers this time. They did a great job!

This rock wall was custom made by the coolest Dad ever. It’s 2.5ft wide and 4ft tall. The handles are linked below.

These peel and stick floor tiles were perfect and we found them at Hobby Lobby! Linked below.

Elliott drew this blueprint of what she wanted the playhouse to look like while we were building it and we thought it would be perfect to hang up inside.

Rock wall handles-

Climbing rope-

Artificial plants

– Cactus-

-Hanging plants- plant-\


Door wreath-

Peel and stick floor tiles-


Phone- Goodwill

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